Granola As Toppings

Posted by ebchyhtmxo 31/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Various Granola Toppings Ideas


Although getting up before the sun rises isn’t on my love-to-do list, I am ready to get back on a schedule. Summer travel and laziness has caught up with me and I’m ready to be productive again. Starting the day with a good breakfast is key to helping my day get off on the right foot. I’m sharing with you today an oatmeal granola topping that makes breakfast just a little bit simpler. It’s made with just 6 ingredients, including oatmeal and whole wheat flour. This gives you and your children a full belly and energy to face those carpool lines, math problems and whatever else your day holds.


How do we like to eat this oatmeal granola topping?

  • Layered with Greek yogurt. Make parfaits with fruit, yogurt and this oatmeal granola topping. Yum!
  • On pancakes or waffles. Sprinkle this topping over your favorite pancake breakfast for a crunchy twist.
  • In a bowl with milk. I can eat this granola by the bowlful. Its that good!
  • Over fruit. Baked apples, sweet berries, pumpkin…this is a quick topping to give your fruit a crisp-like flavor.
  • On ice cream. This is one of our family’s favorite ways to end a day.